Rapoo V550RGB One/Single Hand Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Specs & Details


Rapoo V550RGB Backlit Mechanical 

  • Product positioning: mechanical keyboard, gaming keyboard
  • Button technology: mechanical shaft (Raywood green shaft)
  • Connection method: wired
  • Keyboard interface: USB
  • Number of buttons: 35 keys
  • Keyboard layout: no data
  • Button life: 60 million times
  • Button stroke: medium



35 full mechanical keys, conflict-free design for all keys
Mechanical key switches, a single key life of up to 60 million operations,making it durable and reliable in your game.Not only mechanical key switches, all 35 keys on the keypad are conflict-free. Not just simplify your game operations, but ensure your every command is registered and executed exactly and rapidly.
LED Multi-color light system with 16 million colors
What does it do? It turns blue, green, or… Your V550RGB has an LED multi-color light system, which lets you customize the appearance of V550RGB in many ways as well as to suit your preferences. The V550RGB features an APM-lighting mode that reflects your actions per minute with a spectacular light show.
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