About Us


In an ever-growing and rapidly evolving market for information technology and system integration, recognizing the need for a company that can offer high quality and take the lead on the Kurdistan market, founded the “Ster Technologies Company” In October 1998 the company established its office in Dohuk city and started its activities with the sale of computer equipment, information, and telecommunication services in Kurdistan, Iraq.


The main objective of the company is to serve customers both in public and private sector in such areas as trade, banks, government institutions and NGOs. The idea of its creators is to offer its customers complete solutions from the hardware and software supply, service and training.

There are 8 highly qualified employees working in the company, specializing in the following fields: Hardware software, Security systems, communications, commerce and services.

What can we do for you ?

Ster Computer invests time, money and resources necessary to ensure the desired quality and growth in terms of rapidly evolving market.

The service must complement quality. Only by understanding the needs of its customers the company can provide high quality services and maintain its leading position on the market.